TopMonks Blockchain is your development studio for blockchain based technologies.

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What can TopMonks Blockchain
do for you?

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Ideation, prototyping, development and continuous support of the deployed solution. We take care of the whole development cycle, including testing and great UX.

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We can help you evaluate your project proposal, starting with infrastructure set-up, ending with scalability reviews, including performance and gas optimization.

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We always make sure that our solution copes with your business model not only from technical, but from legal point of view.

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Security audits

Whether you are deploying a dApp or launching a new token, we can provide a comprehensive review of your solution, including penetration and generative testing.

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No semi-fabricated products, our API servers are always tailored for your use-case. We also build Oracles or integrate existing ones.

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UX Design

Our designers take care of the whole life cycle of your app using Double Diamond design process. We research and test our solutions with end users in mind.

It’s not what you say,
it’s what you do.

Together with TopMonks we’ve integrate
the blockchain technology into
the standard e-commerce platform.

During the development of this unconventional project, we encountered many unpredictable problems. However, the guys at TopMonks handled everything in an professional manner. Great communication, friendly bunch of people.

Meetvers is a A Web3search engine
built on Lens protocol for the MVP

During the whole process, the studio was keen on discussing and learning new concepts. At the same time, they were able to provide their insights, which we found helpful. The execution was always on point and had a high standart. We recommend it to anyone looking for an open minded experienced team.”

Vojtech Pour / Co-Founder

Development of HydraDX parachain

Creation of the proof of concept automated market maker on top of the Substrate framework in the Polkadot ecosystem. Consultation contained research of the current status of the DeFi, stablecoins, economic models of DeFi and even copywriting of the whitepaper. Soon after the initial project launch the team was acquired by the customer ZeePrime Capital, which funded the development of HydraDX market. We maintain friendly relationships and cooperation continues up to date.

Winning the Subsquid
hackathon bounty for building the Calamar

An explorer for the Polkadot ecosystem. Collaborative effort of the Subsquid and HydraDX teams. Data API provided by the subsquid to present the blockchain data. The explorer is primarily designed to search for blocks, extrinsics, and accounts information. Currently we are actively developing other Calamar features such as displaying XCM transfers, parachains dashboards and accounts statistics. Check out our progress here:

Fintech platform
with multiple modules

We found our cooperation with TopMonks partner very productive. Professional approach expressed in initiative, creativity, deep knowledge of subject field and strong compliance with time requirements allowed us to launch product on time and without complications.

Nataliya Rozhok / Chief Information Officer

Crypto assets trading
platform based on binary options

Tomáš Paulus really knows what he's doing. Based on his research, he adapted the platform into a usable form with a professional design. We certainly recommend him further.

Karel Dostál / Co-founder

Exceptionally fast audit
of smart contracts architecture

Lumir has proven to be an incredibly valuable team player that matched very well with our senior product/dev team and proved exceptionally fast and innovative thinker in designing and auditing our smart contracts architecture.

Patrik Tjokorda / Chief Executive Officer

Development support
for startup incubator

The awesome people at TopMonks were so helpful and generous with their time while our startup incubator was growing. We had needs for front-end, back-end, and blockchain, and they always delivered. They were recommended to me by another startup founder and I'm happy to recommend them again!

Tom Counsell, Director at B Hub Prague, Startup Incubator

DeFi Puzzle
Second layer DeFi solution

Leveraged trading reinvented.
Construct any custom financial product on top of Compound money market positions. Hold the products for yourself or sell them on an exchange.

Josef Tětek / Blockchain Studio

Sharing our knowledge

The Moneyness of Bitcoin and Ethereum
APRIL 9TH 2020

The Moneyness of Bitcoin and Ethereum

photo of Josef Tětek Josef Tětek
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Rise of the Cryptodollar Interest Rate

Rise of the Cryptodollar Interest Rate

photo of Josef Tětek Josef Tětek
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ZRX token model, price and value

ZRX token model, price
and value

photo of Josef Tětek Josef Tětek
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