Our Main Values

Your freedom can't affect the
freedom of others.

We realize that the freedom comes with responsibility.

Life is a constant change.
Embrace it.

We never lose our heads when facing chaos.

Let's get rid of centralized services and support freedom of the individual together. Welcome to the world of TopMonks Blockchain.

What Can We Do for You?


We have a team of experts ready to bring blockchain to your business.


From ideation to prototyping, from development to continuous support of the deployed solution. We take care of the whole development cycle, including testing and great user experience.


No semi-fabricated products, our API servers are always tailored for your use-case. We also build Oracles or integrate existing ones.


We always make sure that our solution copes with your business model not only from technical, but from legal point of view.

Nataliya Rozhok, CIO

We found our cooperation with TopMonks partner very productive. Professional approach expressed in initiative, creativity, deep knowledge of subject field and strong compliance with time requirements allowed us to launch product on time and without complications.


We gained our knowledge in banks and fintech. Now we help others to protect their assets and improve their performance.

Security Audits

Whether you are deploying a dApp or launching a new token, we can provide a comprehensive review of your solution, including penetration and generative testing.


We can help you evaluate your project proposal, starting with infrastructure set-up, ending with scalability reviews, including performance and gas optimization.

Patrik Tjokorda, CEO

Lumir has proven to be an incredibly valuable team player that matched very well with our senior product/dev team and proved exceptionally fast and innovative thinker in designing and auditing our smart contracts architecture.


Our UX design team is in the room from the very first moment, from the first idea, from the first line of the smart contract code.

UX research and testing

Bulletproof smart contracts and scalable infrastructure are not enough for your dApp to succeed. UX is what matters. We are constantly educating ourselves so that we can create complex blockchain structures at the highest level and quality for your end user.

UX deliverables

Our design team takes care of the whole life cycle of your desired app using Double Diamond design process. We use high quality tools like Figma, Axure and Usability Hub, to deliver the best possible solution for your business.

Karel Dostál

Tomáš Paulus really knows what he's doing. Based on his research, he adapted the platform into a usable form with a professional design. We certainly recommend him further.

How we work

We listen

We see the time devoted to your project as an investment into your future. We listen to your ideas and needs and think about the best solution to do the project right the first time.

We develop

We work with the latest technologies to get the best results. We don’t need lengthy training or explanations. We’ll provide you with a great team of senior developers who are ready to work immediately.

We verify

We closely examine and test every idea and every feature in every step of the project. We concentrate on the needs of the end user. We don’t take risks. We don’t launch anything we don’t stand behind.

Why TopMonks?

Because We Drive the Community!


We are not just crypto fans. We don’t just dream of the decentralized world. We live and breathe it. We pay our employees in cryptocurrencies and they don't just hold it, they buy stuff for it. That's common in our world.

Members of community

We are active participants of blockchain events and hackathons in the first blockchain hub in The Czech Republic – Paralelni Polis. We are members of Cryptovalley and Blockchain Slovakia.

BlockStars Conference

We co-organized BlockStars Summit. Its goal was to promote blockchain through commercial and startup scene and support new blockchain and ICO projects to offer inspiration both in and outside of the crypto community.

Here's our work

Landing page of the dApps

Binary Trading Platform

Our team has an extensive and longterm experience of working with trading platforms, making sure trading across multiple channels is absolutely secure, intuitive and effective.

Landing page of the VP


Our team developed 3 landing pages, ICO smart contract and supply chain tracking platform based on smart contracts, while securing a major partnership and investment partner, ICO advisor and a first use case in aerospace as part of our support.

Landing page of the Binary

UI Kit For dApps

We firmly believe that blockchain and crypto should be available to everyone. With the help of our expert designers and developers, Topmonks will ensure your UX is intuitive and smooth.


[photo] Lea Petrášová

Lea Petrášová

Blockchain & Crypto Projects

[photo] Lumír Mrkva

Lumír Mrkva

Tech Lead

[photo] Josef Tětek

Josef Tětek

Crypto Analyst

[photo] Tomáš Paulus

Tomáš Paulus

UX designer