Our Main Values

Your freedom can't affect the
freedom of others.

We realize that the freedom comes with responsibility.

Life is a constant change.
Embrace it.

We never lose our heads when facing chaos.

Let's get rid of the centralized services and support the freedom of the individual together. Welcome to the world of blockchain by TopMonks.

What Can We Do for You?

dApps development

  • UX design
  • dApp back-end
  • dApp front-end
  • bulletproof smartcontracts

Blockchain development

  • blockchain core development
  • dApps development on the top of it
  • connecting blockchain to custom API, Oracle creation
  • oracle integrations


  • visual identity
  • landing page
  • dApp UX design
  • KYC
  • AML


To help you with blockchain adoption in a decentralized world, we are ready to share our knowledge in all tech-related topics starting with UX design ending with architecture. We can guide you or even design the best fitting solution based on your use-case.

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Smart Contracts Audit


Automated Testing


How we work

We listen

Let's sit down and discuss your ideas. We will contribute with our practical experience and some fresh notion and together, we will create something majestic.

We deliver

There's no need of lengthy training or other explanations. We'll provide you with a great dTeam which is ready to develop your blockchain or dApp.

We verify

Every inaccurate step in blockchain development is hazardous and extremely costly. We know that, so we test and validate every single move. Your smart contracts are safe in our hands.

Why TopMonks?

Because We Drive the Community!


We are not just crypto fans. We do not just dream of the decentralized world. We live it. We pay our employees in cryptocurrencies and they don't just hold it, they buy stuff for it. That's normal for us.

Members of community

We are active participants of blockchain events and hackathons, active members of local and european blockchain hubs, well established in the global blockchain investors and advisors network.

BlockStars Conference

We co-organized BlockStars Summit with goal to promote blockchain for the commercial and startup scene and support new blockchain projects to offer inspiration both within and beyond the crypto community.

Here's our work

Landing page of the dApps

Binary Trading Platform

Our team has an extensive and longterm experience of working with trading platforms, making sure trading across multiple channels is absolutely secure, intuitive and effective.

Landing page of the VP


Our team developed 3 landing pages, ICO smart contract and supply chain tracking platform based on smart contracts, while securing a major partnership and investment partner, ICO advisor and a first use case in aerospace as part of our support.

Landing page of the Binary

UI Kit For dApps

We firmly believe that blockchain and crypto should be available to everyone. With the help of our expert designers and developers, Topmonks will ensure your UX is intuitive and smooth.


[photo] Lea Petrášová

Lea Petrášová

Blockchain & Crypto Projects

[photo] Berenika Alexandre

Berenika Alexandre

US Sales Representative

[photo] Lumír Mrkva

Lumír Mrkva

Tech Lead

[photo] Ján Lopušek

Ján Lopušek